Take a hike

Prior to the release of “The Reporter and the Sloth,” we had a little fun on JP Weiscarver’s Facebook page (which is one reason you should like his page … you’ll find a link in the right column). Since the bulk of the book takes place on a hiking trail, JP invited readers to share a hiking photo, or at least an outdoor photo. There were no other rules, but I said I would award a free book to whoever “moved me” the most with his or her photo. So, the winner is:

RussellandScarlet Raborn - Hawksbill Crag, Ponca, ArkansasThis was submitted by RussellandScarlet Raborn, taken at Hawksbill Crag near Ponca, Arkansas. Why did this move me? It is the essence of hiking. Hitting the trail gives one an opportunity to get places nobody else can. The bonus is when it’s also an amazing view. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

Other entries included:

Naomi Zweben Hot air ballooning over Cappadocia, Turkey             Jennifer Green Embt‎ - Snoozing sea lions, Auke Bay, Alaska  Kimberly Condie one of Wyoming - a great view from a mountain we climbed last summer.

The hot air balloon photo was taken at Capadocia, Turkey, and was submitted by Naomi Zweben. The photo of snoozing sea lions in Auke Bay, Alaska, was sent in by Jennifer Green Embt‎. The mountain view from Kimberly Condie was taken in Wyoming.

Ferlin Blood The creek on my land during recent rains.    Betty Nelson Vacation fun times.    Brittany Schroeder Outside my front door, cows were interested on the groceries I was carrying.Hiking’s not always a fair-weather event. The photo of a rain-swollen creek was submitted by Ferlin Blood. Betty Nelson shows off a fishing reward in her photo. Brittany Schroeder, snapped a picture of cows that seemed interested in the groceries she was carrying.

There also is a rainy, snowy shot through a Goldwing Trike windshield while Pam Martaindale Wright was leaving Yellowstone National Park. Erin Martaindale Shenkir took a suggestion from my post and submitted a sunset photo from her front porch. Finally, John Jaime Pearce showed us off-trail hunting fun with the Hendersons.

John Jaime Pearce - going off-trail with the HendersonsErin Martaindale Shenkir Sunset from my front porch.Pam Martaindale Wright This was leaving Yellowstone in sleet and snow on our Goldwing Trike.

Thanks for playing along and sharing your memories.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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