Meet Jackson

apricot_seedThe reader-nominated character for my next book, “The Reporter and the Apricot,” has been selected.

His name is Jackson Carlisle. He’s throwing newspapers to help pay his way through college, where he’s also on the track team.

He also has a pet terrier named Lee and a dream of becoming a sports therapist.

There’s more, of course, but we have to save something for the book.

Congratulations and a bunch of thanks to Darsha Dodge for her nomination. Thanks, also, to everyone who submitted entries. You all know I appreciate you.

5 thoughts on “Meet Jackson”

  1. so could someone just take what you have provided here and use the character in their own book? I’ve had an idea in my head for a long time about a group of runners who train for the Chicago Marathon. The good news is I’m so lazy and inept, you don’t have to worry about me ever getting around to putting that story to print. Or does this move me closer?


      1. That is an excellent idea. Originally this would have been set in 1998 but perhaps I should bring it forward? Or maybe it helps to keep these stories 20 years apart


      2. Hmm, maybe Roderick Maxwell, who appeared in “The Reporter and the Sloth” as well as “TRAT Marmot” in his 40s and a weekend runner. He could have run marathons 20 years ago. The college runner in the new book would mention Roderick during his interview.

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