Moving forward

Eating an Elephant

One year ago today, a date that shall … well, I will forego descriptors in spirit of this post … Donald Trump won enough electoral votes to take over as the 45th president of the United States.

I have made it no secret how devastating that was to me. For 52 weeks, I have struggled with what kind of small role I might play in trying to minimize the damage Trump is inflicting on our country and people. I’m just a guy with a tiny little soapbox, but my soul compels me to do something. Answers or attempts at answers have risen and fallen. I have made stabs at it with little success.

Meanwhile, my other writing has suffered tremendously because most of my time has been spent mentally dealing with Trump and me.

Today, one year later, I plan to move forward.

Taking one bite at a time, I hope to make quick posts here (with a goal of once every day or two, but we shall see) and then move on for a few hours and do something more normal, like write on my next book or hike along a trail or take in a movie.

My principles have not changed an iota, but I’m trying to alter my approach. I beseech you to accompany me.

What I said about the “spirit of this post” in the opening sentence is my desire to seek out some middle ground between Democrats and Republicans, between conservatives and progressives. Unless something more pressing pops up, that will be the topic of the next column.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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