Say what?

You Talkin' to me

About a year ago, fearful of what might be looming ahead with the 45th presidential administration, I promised myself to write my Congress members about important issues.

But it did not take them long to inform me they really didn’t give a flying fig what I think or want.

For the record, I’m talking about Rep. Bill Flores and Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn. However, it’s obvious from reading about others’ experiences that the problem is pandemic.

Of course, they didn’t come right out and say they didn’t want my opinion. I would write something like, “Please discontinue your assault on our alphabet. I think it’s important we continue to use the letter ‘G’ in the English language. For example, it’s used three times in ‘English language.’”

They eventually write back something like:

“Thank you for your input about our efforts to simplify and reform the alphabet. I appreciate the benefit of your comments on this matter.

“The soon-to-be former seventh letter of the alphabet has forever been a drain on our nation’s production and our worthiness as a body of people. With your welcomed assistance, we shall soon relieve ourselves of this burden.

“I am honored to represent you and the people of Texas.”

What? I’m not assisting you. I’m against everything this stands for. Are you hearing me?

They’re employing the same tactic of the president. Just keep saying something, even though it’s false, and eventually so many people will believe it and, at that point, it might as well be true.

The tax bill they’re currently trying to shove down our throats is a great example. Expert reviews of it talk about how much higher it will run the deficit, how most of the money will go to the richest people and how lower income people will soon pay more taxes and will lose important programs.

But the GOP keeps singing the line that it will make the country great again. And they’re not listening to anything we say.

Two of my three congressmen will have to listen to what I have to say Nov. 6, 2018.

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