You and the bully

you sided with a bully
— Author unknown

Do we think less of you because you support Donald Trump?

Is it that simple of a test?

It hasn’t always been, but now …

Now, almost 11 months into his presidency, with all we’ve seen …

Prior to the election, we understood someone making a protest vote, even though it seemed short-sighted. Protesters ranged from some Bernie supporters to voters who felt fed up with the system. Shake things up, they thought. Bring in an outsider. Put a business person in charge. (Boy, I hope that desire has been put to rest.)

Besides – and this is important to their defense – hardly anyone who voted for him thought he would win. No, they were just going to register their objections to … whatever … and be able to say, if a friend disliked anything that happened under President Hillary Clinton, “Don’t blame me; I didn’t vote for her.”

Additionally, they had no way of knowing Russia was (allegedly! ha!) playing mind games with easily persuaded people in key parts of the country, using propaganda to con the con-able into voting against their own welfare.

Trump supportersAnd, then, when the guy who lost the election by 2,868,691 votes was able to squeak out wins in key states (see Russian involvement) and capture the Electoral College, those people who voted for him because they thought it would be cute, because they were mad at the world or because they knew it would irritate their ex, they found themselves in the awkward position of knowingly buying an inferior product, even if by mistake.

You know, like day-dreaming about a giant in-home entertainment system online and accidentally clicking the buy button.


Up to this point, there was no need for a huge personal grudge. Most of us are forgiving. That is, if you ask forgiveness.

Here’s where the problem begins. Many of those reluctant and/or lukewarm voters, it seems, decided to cast their lots with the winning candidate even though theirs was only a “protest” vote. Hey, backing a winner is fun. Did I tell you the story of when I placed a $2 bet on a 50-1 horse to win … and he did? Good times.

Since the election, prior to which all of Trump’s ridiculousness was merely fodder for a campaign, we have come to see the naysayers were right all along. (Naysayers would include not only the Democrats but also the large contingent of Republicans who at one point warned against him.) He really is ridiculous. He’s unprepared with no intention of preparing. He’s a bully with no intention of caring about others. He’s only out for himself; what he says he’s doing for America is really to benefit him. He’s coddled white supremacists while going out of his way to persecute minorities. He honestly seems determined to drop a nuclear weapon somewhere … anywhere. And he’s a colossal embarrassment on the international stage … huge embarrassment, a relationship-damaging embarrassment, a potential war-catalyst embarrassment.

So, yes. Yes, if you still support Trump, after we’ve seen so much evidence against him from assaulting women to courting Russia, then we must think less of you.

However – and this is completely honest – it does not mean you’re hated, it does not suggest you’re not loved, and it definitely does not mean you cannot wake up, smell the coffee and work with us to remove this cancer from the Oval Office.

But even that’s not enough.

Next: “Trump really isn’t the problem.”

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