We have met the enemy

MLK - leaders

I hope I didn’t startle anyone too much by closing yesterday’s column with, “Trump really isn’t the problem.”

Sure, he really, really is “a” problem, a huge problem … but he isn’t “the” problem. The problem is bigger than 45. Yes, larger even than Trump.

What is “the problem”?

Well, there’s the unbelievably large segment of the Republican party that nurtured the selfishness and unfounded fears that gave rise to Trump and all his little Trumpies. There’s the Congress that has forsaken its duty to check his power. There are those in the party who seem hell-bent on making the poor poorer, the sick sicker, and to lock up as many as possible.

But it’s not just the Republican party.

It’s any leader that gives in to the allures of power, who is bought off, who gives up on the charge of looking out for those who are helpless.

It is those who allow their souls and their politics to be bought.

It is those who, through the strength of money alone, buy the government they want, damning the rest.

It is the voters who continue to re-elect politicians even as their morals visibly erode.

We need to rotate people out of office more quickly. Eliminate opportunities to get filthy rich just because one is in office. Wipe out the influence of money on politics. Recognize there is nothing human about a corporation.

Voters must step up and take charge. Elect people of character. Do not trust someone just because he thumps a Bible, speaks Spanish, has a lot of money or drives a Prius.

And, while the current state of the Republican party is such that I cannot fault someone for voting a straight Democratic ticket – at this point in time – the problem is not specific to a party. There may very well be a blue wave wash over the 2018 and 2020 elections, and the Democrats may hold power for a while, but then …

Then, history tells us, there will be some righteous reason to throw them out.

Because we won’t change the way money interacts with politics.

Because power still corrupts.

Dare we dream of a better outcome? Please, give me a reason to have hope.

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2 thoughts on “We have met the enemy”

  1. This sounds like Pogo: We has met the enemy and he is us.
    We used to value education and science. Now it seems that many people get their information from the internet and don’t bother to check the sources. It doesn’t help that some news outlets are not telling the truth.
    The best bet might be to flip Congress, get rid of Citizens United and get big money out of politics and start over.


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