Winning with the tax bill

Bluish blue wave

Let’s make some lemonade.

There is much jubilation among Republicans today after they passed the tax reform bill. They’re happy because, after 11 months (to the day) telling people about all the great and huge things they’ve done, they’re finally going to pass something huge, if not great.

What does it take to make Republicans happy in the year 2017? Apparently, it’s passing legislation that will send huge gobs of more money to the very richest people in the country in the form of a significant, permanent tax cut. It’s conning the middle class with a teeny tiny tax cut that blossoms into a tax increase in a few years. It’s setting up the mechanism to push millions of people off medical insurance. It’s increasing the nation’s debt by $1.46 trillion ($1,460,000,000,000.00) over the next 10 years. Apparently, icing on the cake, they’re also giddy over the idea of cutting spending for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to send that money to the top of wealth pyramid.

Wow, when you start to put it together, it’s easy to see why they’re so excited. And now, their leader can finally claim without lying that he’s done something big during the short time he’ll be in office. Maybe we should call it TrumpTax since he likes having his name on things.

Wait, we’re making lemonade out of all this sour news, right?

Ah, that is the good part. We’re sticking his name on it and not letting the American people forget where it came from.

But that’s not good enough. Trump pressed for this, but he could have done nothing without the Republican members of Congress who drafted it under a blanket of secrecy, held it from public review until the last minute, bought off votes by giving large kickbacks to reluctant members and then, of course, actually passing it while every Democrat and Independent in Congress voted against it. We certainly do not want to forget them.

So, should we call it the GOPTrumpTax? Or the TrumpGOPTax? That’s it, along with its subliminal message, the TrumpGOPTax is perfect because it will be a major contributor as a Blue Wave of voters turn out this fall to trump the GOP and propel Democrats into control of both houses.

Whoever is president on Jan. 1, 2019, will find a horde of social justice warriors ready to start undoing the atrocities of the current administration and its tools in Congress.

That, my friends, is the lemonade that will come out of this horrendous tax bill.

And it won’t be a shock to most of those in the GOP, except those who have submitted to a Trumpal lobotomy. Every survey showed a majority of voters was against the tax “decrease.” That’s unbelievable. Their representatives told them they will be able to keep more of their money and they said the did not want it that way.

Regardless, the Republicans did it because their big contributors and their own personal accountants advised them to do so.

Those in the Resistance must keep hammering this message, refuse to allow it to be played down, that people of both parties will suffer at the hands of the TrumpGOPTax.

Keep your chin up and let’s make some blue lemonade.

3 thoughts on “Winning with the tax bill”

  1. You got it, Steve! It is going to be horrible for the average american. They want to go back so much, let’s go back to the last good Republican, Eisenhower! Raise taxes on the ultra rich and penalize them for moving stuff out of the country. If they want breaks, let them earn by REALLY creating jobs and grow the middle class!

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  2. I’m getting worried about you my friend. Might be that you need to see a physician to check out what’s going on above your eyes and between your ears. There are really better windmills.


    1. That’s touching. But, please, if you have worries free to invest, may I suggest you worry about people trying to make a living on minimum wage, children living in poverty without good food or healthcare, the raping of the environment … oh, hell, there are many people and things that are more deserving of your attention than I. Of course, maybe I’ve overlooked something. Can you suggest windmills that are better than caring about other people?


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