Should I vote?

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If you ask the question, “Should I vote?” then the answer is a resounding “No!”

Voting is not something you do because you “should.” Nor so you can pretend to be civically responsible. Nor so you can feel a part of a crowd. Or a movement.

Back when I was working in newspapers, one of the things we were expected to do was encourage everyone to vote.

Every eligible voter.

I’ve never been a fan of that because I knew an awful lot of people had no idea what was going on. They did not know the issues and were even less likely to have any idea of the candidates’ positions.

I mean, do we really want uninformed people voting? Can you imagine what might happen?

Of course, it happened.

Don the Con convinced millions of people they were getting the shaft and egged them into voting. The result is we’re currently relying on criminal investigations and the other branches of government to clean up the mess before it’s beyond repair.

Should you go vote?

Not unless you’ve done your homework. However, if that’s the case, if you know who’s running and why and who you agree with, if you’re up on the issues and how they affect us, then please make your ballot heard.

One thought on “Should I vote?”

  1. Steve – be careful sharing thoughts like this. Someone might put together the fact that you’re from Texas, assume you are a Republican and accuse you of trying to stifle voters like they did with the voter ID law.

    Seriously – I do agree with the sentiment that people shouldn’t vote for someone unless they know their record and support it. Of course, if we applied that standard no one would have voted for a previous (un-named) person whose only verifiable credential was that he was a “historic” candidate.

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