Getting back to amplifying my list of things I am “for,” which was published Nov. 16 at https://stevemartaindale.com/2017/11/16/what-are-we-for/. The following item was included:


  • Qualified and capable leaders. This only hit my list since the election of Donald Trump and, more notably, his outrageous nominations.


It has only gotten worse since November, especially concerning the president. Were I to write it today, I would not have suggested the shortcomings of Trump’s nominations were more notable than his own.

He has no morals. He is unable to sympathize with people who are suffering. His need to be considered the best at everything is dangerous. He’s obviously not too smart. (His surprise tariffs on steel and aluminum last week is evidence enough, but just about any other move he makes can serve as well.)

I am for our leaders being more concerned with helping the needy of our country – indeed, the world – instead of pandering to the rich and powerful.

Trump bringing his family into White House jobs is borderline criminal and probably will be clarified as so as soon as he’s gone. The fact he spends a quarter of his time at his resorts and double-dips by billing taxpayers for staying at his own place is an absolute insult to propriety.

I am for leaders who are not in office to enrich themselves, who instead put other people first.

His attempts to circumvent judicial and legislative oversight are scary. His threats directed toward the media reflect just how much he’s hiding.

I am for leaders who are worthy of emulating and who enhance our nation’s image on the world stage.

In addition to the president and his appointees, I wish we had some qualified and capable leaders in Congress. A year ago, as Trump was rapidly confirming our worst fears, I kept waiting for Republicans on the Hill to step up and rein him in, to exercise the powers and responsibilities entrusted them by the Constitution.

Alas, I wait still.

2 thoughts on “Leaders”

  1. Steve, I am waiting for a “moderate” Republican to call him out for his outrageous behavior, but it seems they are all pulling in as much money as they can before the inevitable happens. His devoted followers never hear the lies 😦 😦

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