What are we for?

Mankind has come a long way, but we can always make life better for humanity as a whole. This marker is on a pier in Bridgetown, Barbados.

In our current political climate, it’s easy to get the impression we’re all *against* something.

It’s understandable. Republicans are against unlawful immigration; Democrats are against immoral deportations.

(If you please, I acknowledge this includes generalizations and lumping people into broad categories.)

Democrats are against cutting environmental regulations; Republicans are against government restricting business practices.

Republicans are against dishonoring the flag to make a political statement; Democrats are against unjustly penalizing people of color.

Are we *for* anything?

Is there something you want?

Well, it so happens I have my own list. I do not care if the politicians who give me what I want are Democrat or Republican. In my view, these desires should cross political barriers.

Following is little more than a quickly compiled list. Over the next … I don’t know … few weeks, I will look more closely at many of these items and may add a few. Meanwhile, consider putting together your own list.

In no particular order (and likely not the order future articles will appear):

  • Freedom of – and freedom from – religion. If you want a government controlled by religion, consider Saudi Arabia or The Vatican, among a small number of other countries.
  • Healthcare for everyone. The idea that socio-economic status should determine whether one has access to good healthcare is repugnant.
  • Distribution of wealth. This is difficult because we feel successful people should be rewarded, but it’s seldom that simple. A worker should be able to survive with a 40-hour-a-week job.
  • Qualified and capable leaders. This only hit my list since the election of Donald Trump and, more notably, his outrageous nominations.
  • Respect for science. The fact you do not agree with the results and do not understand the scientific process does not make them wrong.
  • Climate change. This and the former entry may be lumped together, but the threat associated with ignoring climate change is enough to warrant a special spot.
  • Equality. Why is it this country continues to violate its basic principles by denying equal treatment to everyone?
  • Judicial abuse. This can include many things that might also be broken out as separate points. Summarize it as cops enforcing laws unequally, and prison sentences that are way over the top, particularly for things like using marijuana, and especially for people of color.
  • Education. Public education played a huge role in driving the United States to prominence. It always needs tweaking but not abandoning.
  • Adequate defense. That means, we have way too much of a military emphasis. And we spend waaaay too much money on it.
  • No unnecessary wars. This is important enough for a separate bullet point.
  • A global view. Face it, in the age of satellite communication and transoceanic flights, the idea of “America First” while other parts of the world go up in flames is untenable.
  • Infrastructure. I have watched, in my lifetime, as roads, dams and bridges have deteriorated.
  • Immigration and The Wall. Yes, we need to tend to our immigration problems. The Wall, however, is a simplistic, ineffective, wasteful, hateful and ugly attempt at a solution.
  • Women’s rights. Really, why is this even a question?
  • Family values. The government, however, does not get to choose those values beyond protecting the rights of everyone in the family.
  • Freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Another thing I did not think necessary before the present administration.

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