80. Just vote

raised hands as if voting
Be heard. Raise your hand. Register. Vote!

It is 80 days until the next U.S. congressional midterm election.

The objective here is for you to vote, which isn’t necessarily as simple as it sounds.

As was mentioned in “85. Purges,” Republican-led states have gone to considerable effort to keep people from voting.

A tweet I came across a month ago warned, “Watch what you wear to the polls too. They can deny entry for anything THEY deem offensive.”

Actually, a Supreme Court ruling in June cracked down on voting judges denying citizens wearing politicized clothing. As for “offensive,” I don’t know.

But let’s keep our eye on the end game here.

The objective is for you to vote, not to challenge some arcane law. Sure, maybe it needs to be challenged, but let’s make sure you vote.

So, don’t wear anything political – T-shirts, buttons or anything that might be perceived as a political statement. Avoid talking politics at the poll. Certainly, don’t get into an argument.

Show up with your ID, prepared to vote Blue. The ballot is the only place you need to make a statement on Election Day.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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