71. Getting there


It is 71 days until the next U.S. congressional midterm election.

The tweet pictured here caught my eye the other day and made me think, “Of course, many people have trouble even getting to the polls to vote.”

It’s something of a “duh” thought, but mine is a rural / small town background in areas where almost everyone owns a vehicle. We want to go somewhere, it’s simply hop into the truck and go.

But that’s not true for everyone.

Folks in larger cities come to mind, as well as people of limited income. Their necessary trips – to the store or the doctor – are budgeted and paying for a special ride to the polls and back can make the effort more expensive than they feel free to exercise.

Perhaps you’re one of them. Or perhaps you can be part of the solution.

Taking advantage of the Lyft offer might be just the thing for you, but make sure you check all the details when they become available, such as whether it also applies to the ride home or on to work. Uber had some kind of offer during the 2016 election and might well do so again. Plus, I seem to remember hearing of some taxi services offering specials.

Closer to the heart of the issue, there seem to always be rides provided by local political parties or other activist groups. Make some calls and keep your eyes open for details in your area. Or, flat out ask a friend to give you a ride; you can offer to bring along a snack.

If you have transportation and would like to provide a lift to the polls, maybe start with friends who do not drive. Offer to take them to vote. Or get in touch with your local political party and ask if they can use you.

Remember, in the latest midterm, 2014, only 35.9 percent of eligible voters actually voted. We’re out to raise that number to something much more respectable.

Make sure you’re registered. Make sure you have a way to the polls. Vote early, if possible, to avoid any last-minute snags. Talk to your friends and encourage them to participate. Maybe go together and celebrate with lunch.

Anything … just make it happen.

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