16. Make history

Bluish blue wave

It is 16 days until the next U.S. congressional midterm election.

Want to make history?

Answer carefully. In addition to people knowing your name, they’re also trying to get a piece of you. Privacy is low, future expectations are high.

But there are other ways to make history, such as being a part – even a small, though vital, part – of a historical movement. You get to bask in the warm feeling, enjoy the benefits and even brag to your friends, but you don’t have to hire a PR person or private security.

Join the Blue Wave and look at what you can help accomplish.

  • Turn around apathy. In the latest midterm election, 2014, only 35.9 percent voted, the lowest since World War II. With a tsunami of progressive voters flooding the polls during the election, we can float that figure much higher, maybe even topping the 48.4 percent turnout in 1966.
  • Reinstate integrity. When the entire world laughs at and/or takes advantage of our leaders, it’s time to clean house. While we cannot vote out Trump and his appointments this year, we can put into office a slate of Democrats to provide appropriate checks and balances.
  • Improve public health. It’s beyond my ability to explain how Republicans have worked so fervently to deprive people of medical care.
  • Support oppressed people. Women, people of color, the economically disadvantaged … among others … deserve respect and a fair shake. Look into the Blue Wave and you’ll find many of those folks already involved.
  • Help others vote. It’s no secret Republicans have been actively suppressing voting rights and justifying it by spreading false or grossly exaggerated stories of voting abuse. Democrats have been working to defend all citizens’ rights.
  • Save the planet. Addressing the rapidly growing problems associated with global climate change, as well as the general poisoning of our home, has been too steep of a hill for the Republicans to attack because it means reducing the rapidly growing piles of money and power for them and their financial supporters. Help put our planet’s well-being ahead of their profit line.
  • Do good things. Fill in here what excites you. There is so much more to gain.
  • Maintain your independence. Will the Democratic Party forever remain the leading voice for all these concerns? I cannot say it will because power-grabbers have a way of grabbing power and warping it to their benefit. A Blue Tsunami emanating from a groundswell movement should offer long-term guidance, but you’re not locked in. If things change, you and I can move our support where it is better used. That’s another benefit of being just a cog in making history.

Are you registered? While the deadline has passed in many states, others have not. Some states even allow registration when you show up to vote. Check your status here.

Early voting has already begun in many states. If offered in yours, please plan to vote early. That is … actually make a specific plan and then do it. Voting early usually means shorter lines and also gives you an opportunity to reschedule in case of bad weather or other impediment. Make it fun; take a friend along.

If you asked for an absentee ballot or if your state sends everyone mail-in ballots, return it now.

Finally, enjoy the fact paparazzi are not hounding your every move, even though you played an important role in saving your country.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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