10. That word

liberal definition

It is 10 days until the next U.S. congressional midterm election.

Meanwhile, Trump and his far-right conservative supporters keep shifting their messages about liberals.

Liberals are … socialists who want a free ride, snowflakes who want a trophy just for showing up, and an unruly mob out to commit violence. Yes, according to Republicans, Democrats can one day be weak and ineffective and the next day too dangerous for society. They get away with it because their followers don’t hear anything except, “hate Democrats” and “fear liberals.” And that’s exactly what they want to hear.

But, what are liberals? The graphic above – using a favorite line by Mandy Patinkin from “The Princess Bride” – offers a definition to help us understand.

More specifically, let’s use the tip I shared in my previous post: Research. Click here for the Democratic Party platform that came out of the 2016 convention.

Here are some highlights: raising workers’ wages, protecting and expanding Social Security, create good-paying jobs, making the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, ending systemic racism, fixing our broken immigration system, guaranteeing civil rights, respecting faith and service, combat climate change, protecting our public lands and waters, ensure the health and safety of all Americans, ending violence against women, support our troops and keep faith with our veterans, confront global threats, protect our values, and a leader in the world.

Sounds neither snowflake-ish nor violent, does it?

I understand your hesitance to associate with liberals and risk being identified as one. But your concern is based not in fact but in the lies that have been perpetrated for decades by the Republicans.

The fact is, liberals are usually good people and most of them make great friends. They allow you to be just the way you are as long as you’re not hurting others. And it’s incredibly refreshing to work toward helping people in need rather than putting your boot on a person’s throat while he or she is down and out.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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