2. Final plans

Caprock moonrise

It is two days until Tuesday and the next U.S. congressional midterm election.

Here’s a quick message for those members of the Blue Wave looking for a constructive, last-minute action they can take to help bring home a Democratic win.

Many of us have been living this struggle for weeks and months. Doing so can cloud one’s vision and lead to thinking everyone else is equally well-informed.

That’s not always true. So, here’s the idea I appropriated from someone else online.

Ask a compassionate friend, someone who tends to care about others, if he/she knows about the separation of families at the border and the incarceration of children, about Democratic plans to help more people afford medical care, about the Robert Mueller investigation, about Republicans’ stated plans to steal Social Security funds to pay off their tax scam, about Republicans ignoring the warning signs of global climate change … and so on.

If not, educate and then help your friend make a plan to vote Tuesday.

Finally, if you’ve not voted yet, make sure you do.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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