3. #GOPVotingBlue


It is three days until Tuesday and the next U.S. congressional midterm election.

We’ve been talking the last couple of posts about who should vote for Democrats during this election. (Hint: it’s pretty much everybody.)

The best commentary on that point, as I mentioned at the close of yesterday’s post, is that many lifelong Republicans are crossing over – and encouraging others to follow – to vote for Democrats. Sometimes they’re talking about specific races; many times they’re mentioning voting Blue down the ballot. Many are bailing out on their party until it corrects its course; some are declaring they’ve changed parties … period.

This is what I’ve been waiting for. Optimistically, I expected it to begin much earlier in Trump’s presidency. Surely, it did, but there was no movement large enough to create a stir.

Now, perhaps emboldened and further enlightened by the Blue Wave, more are coming out, such as former Florida GOP Congressman David Jolly, who encouraged Republicans to vote for Democrat Andrew Gillum in the Florida governor’s race.

So, even if you’ve always voted Republican, you, too, should vote Blue. … Unless you’re an ultra-rich white male, in which case you can justify voting red.

One thought on “3. #GOPVotingBlue”

  1. Many of my Republican friends are voting straight Democratic ticket to send a powerful message to their party that they are out of touch with most Americans.

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