4. Protest?

third party-2

It is four days until the next U.S. congressional midterm election.

Thinking about casting a “protest vote” this election? Maybe throw some support to a third party because you’re fed up with politics? Perhaps write in Mickey Mouse or Goofy?

Please, not now.

Believe me, I’m not against what you’re thinking about. In 1992, because I wasn’t excited about either George H.W. Bush or Bill Clinton, I cast my vote for H. Ross Perot. In 1980, I was one of only 5.7 million people to vote for John Anderson, my protest of the control two parties held on the system.

Alas, what we have is a two-party system. A third-party or independent candidate can occasionally win an election, but those are rare and already well known – Sens. Angus King and Bernie Sanders, for example.

So, why not now?

Things are different this year and likely will be again in 2020. There’s already a protest vote that’s gained incredible momentum and is positioned to accomplish something, maybe even achieve a lot. That is the Democratic Party, aka “The Blue Wave.”

As such, the tweet above rings true. A vote for any third-party candidate this election is essentially a vote for the Republican party and its maleficent leader because it weakens the wave.

Also, I’ve heard from many lifelong Republicans who have already voted with the Democrats this year. Some, surely, are trying to save their party by weeding out those who are destroying it. I’m fine with that; we need two capable parties. Y’all come over and help us save the country and maybe you can soon reclaim and reform the GOP and we can maybe soften the Blue Wave and the bulk of us can resume working together.

third party

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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