Your mission …

Living room tent
When is the last time you built a sheet tent in the living room? Hey, this might be the perfect opportunity. What else can we do to bide time while doing our part to flatten the curve?

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to chill.”

For many of us, that is how we can best help the nation ride out the coronavirus. As an Internet statement goes: “Your grandparents were called to war. You’re being called to sit on your couch. You can do this.”

But that doesn’t mean it must be as boring as it sounds. Let’s think this through. How can we pass the time less painfully?

I’m often on the computer, either writing or surfing the Web. That’s a pretty normal day for me.

Leah is working on a quilting project she wants to finish while we’re in isolation.

Our RV park is in the country and we’ve been getting out for walks two or three times a day either around the park or down the county road.

Leah’s just finished streaming a bunch of episodes of the TV series, “Highlander.” Along the way, I picked up far more information about immortals than I thought possible. So, add binge-watching to the list.

We’ve both done a bit of telephoning or writing or online chatting with various friends.

We’re missing out on a cruise in order to be able to chill on our couch. To make up for it just a teeny-tiny bit, we’re planning to pick a night that we would have been at sea to dress up and have our own dance.

What else?

Help out here; we’re all in this together, even though we’re staying apart. What are you doing to make it easier to camp out on the sofa without the benefit of March Madness? Any other ideas you haven’t tried yet or are maybe hesitant to try?

Share your thoughts, while maintaining a more-than-safe distance from others, and let’s flatten this curve and regain a grasp of normalcy … however long it takes.

Finally, that opening sentence – “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to chill.” – isn’t really the option it sounds to be. It’s an order. It’s what you must be willing to do for yourself, family, friends, neighbors and even total strangers.

Chill. Am I right?

9 thoughts on “Your mission …”

  1. We are that stage when we have the “hitch-itch” so trying to keep us down is the new normal. We had so many spring plans and all have been canceled or have been canceled on us, regretfully. We’ll manage for the health of us and others. So trying to occupy our time…same as you guys, we are walking/hiking in our small town away from people, working on craft projects, listening too much to the news, binge watching series and movies and doing some RV improvements. Life at a standstill, for now. Love to you and Leah!


    1. You mentioned something I’m finding to be important for me: “listening too much to the news.” You know I’m a newsy guy, but I’ve recently cut it off later in the day and usually finish the evening streaming some standup comedy or something. Take care.


  2. Learn a new language. There are tons of apps, blogs, podcasts and online tutorials. Choose one that might be useful depending on where you live (Spanish?) or just one that has always interested you. Now that the world is in lockdown I bet you could find people happy to chat online who are native to your chosen language.
    Turn cooking into a “Chopped” adventure. With pantry stores dwindling and ingredient options limited in the markets, choose some random ingredients each night and challenge yourself to combine them in new and delicious ways. Write down your best results and share with friends…or video yourself and become the next kitchen YouTube sensation.
    Change up your exercise routine (we all need more exercise anyway). Get out into nature if you can but also incorporate some yoga stretching or strength routines using found objects around the house (canned goods as hand weights, bags of rice, tires from the garage, bungees for resostance)
    Write your memoirs…we all have a story to tell. Many stories actually. Jot down some childhood memories that you may not have shared, the things you are most proud of, a record of your favourite trips, or a list of your favourite moments with loved ones or family. They don’t have to be monumental or world changing to be special….don’t let them be lost with the passage of time.
    I could keep going….buf that’s a start!


  3. Fortunately, I have plenty of books, yarn and quilting fabric to last about 6 months. Mostly I make things to donate.
    I found which has free coloring pages, and lots of lectures you can hear. I’m going to listen to one about Jorge Luis Borges, a fabulous Argentinian author.
    I’ve also been calling friends, and our family has started a group email to stay in touch.
    Sometimes it’s good to be an introvert!


  4. Here’s something from Facebook follower Patty: This is a test to become creative to entertain ourselves. What would be do without TV and internet. I’ve taken up beading, I make hats to donate, read, color. Start a journal. Yes, we will become bored, take a nap.


  5. So many people tell me they would love to have the time to write a novel. Well, here we are with lots of time on our hands. Why not give it a try? Those who don’t feel inclined to dive into something that big could try a short story or jokes for the family. How about a children’s book?
    Practice a skill that you always wanted to master or one that you mastered but had put away. So what if you don’t look like you used to when you twirled that baton and high school – get it out anyway and give it a whirl. Your kids might laugh, or they might beg to try. Either way, you will all have fun for a bit. Or how about that flute you put away years ago? Model airplane building? You get my drift?
    One last one, if you have younsters at home who are bored why not have a Lego building challenge? No fair using the instructions from the kits unless that is way you want to go. How about a challenge that lets you all design and then build your own crazy buildings or cars or worlds? Winner is exempted from a chore for a day or week or whatever. If Mom wins, everyone has to clean the house for her.


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