Trump won’t quit


Donald Trump has his campaign right where he wants it.

Well, almost. His plan didn’t include the feeble excuse of an apology he was forced into putting out Friday night. Regardless, his scheme all along has been to lose the election.

He doesn’t care about winning over the majority of voters. It suits his master plan that he gets little, if any, support from blacks, from Latinos, from Asians, from non-Christians, from educated people, from established politicians and it’s even OK if the vast majority of women despise him. That’s the way his people want it, too. They do not wish to be associated with most of those groups.

You see, he’s not aiming to win the White House, not really. His desire is to create his own fiefdom nestled within the protection of the United States, his own kingdom full of those who worship him and whatever he has to say.

He cannot truly enjoy that if he’s president. Were he to take the oath of office Jan. 20, the reality of the situation would take all of the fun out of running his racket.

And he knows it. He’s not as stupid as he sounds.

Take one example. He knows it is not feasible to build an impenetrable wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. He also knows said wall would not deliver what he’s promising. He certainly understands there’s no way Mexico is paying for it. If elected, he would be pressed to deliver on this oft-repeated pledge and he knows he cannot.

With a view from the White House, he would be forced to watch everything tumble down, even the support of his rabid followers.

He knows that and he could not stomach it.

So, his plan is to hold the course all the way up until Nov. 8 and then proceed to Stage 3, the most important part.

On the evening of Election Day, as news agencies begin calling states for Clinton, it will become apparent early on that the American experiment is still valid, that silent hordes still speak at the ballot box and still place value in the things that have made this country great.

That Tuesday night, we will be surprised by how quickly Trump admits he will lose the election. However, his next sentence – no, he’ll probably lead with it – will be his insistence the process was rigged. Then and there he will lay the groundwork for his master plan.

He knows, regardless how successful Hillary Clinton may be as president, that his minions will never accept her. He will lead them into believing that the country is crumbling just because, for example, minorities are being treated better or because we’re taking strides to protect the planet.

Donald Trump will have at least four more years, probably the rest of his life, to beat the drum of ignorance and watch his followers move in lock-step. They will cheer at his speeches. They will buy the books authored under his name by writers laboring beneath non-disclosure contracts. They will happily retweet his hate-filled, egotistical musings. He will soak up their admiration.

And Donald Trump will be happy. By then, he will have forgotten that one little apology he faked in October 2016. In fact, if asked about it, he’ll say, “It never happened. There is not one thing I’ve ever needed to apologize for. I’m the best person you’ll ever meet.”

“Trust me.”

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