Thai trip roundup


I have finally posted the articles and photos from our trip to Thailand. Yes, I intended to have it finished six weeks ago, but …

In my defense, it was much more time-consuming than I anticipated. With a little luck, you’ll find it worth the wait.

I learned from our Erie Canal walk that it’s not good to post everything on one page, so here is what you will find. Clicking this link will take you to the index page. It has a brief tease and a link to each of the 18 topical pages or sections. At the end of each section is a link to the next. Simple enough?

A couple of the sections are kind of long, a couple are mostly photos and most of them fall in the middle. In all, there are 116 unique photos and a whole bunch of words.

We’ve always enjoyed sharing our travels with our friends and put extra effort into this special trip. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Thai trip roundup”

  1. Sorry it has taken so long to read this, you know how it is traveling (or getting ready to travel). Loved this post about your trip. It gives me the “itch” to do it again one day. We traveled to Thailand in the late 80’s but didn’t experience this “off the beaten path” like you have. Good info, loved the photos and experiencing it through you! Hugs, Sherry H


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